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Kids Are The Solution Project

A Non-Profit Corporation

Kids Are The Solution Project

(a non-profit corporation)

Mission Statement

Our Student-to-Student programs promote socially comfortable ways to handle the often confusing and challenging pressures and situations of the teen years.

"By the Kids- For the Kids”

The “Kids Are The Solution Project” grew out of student created projects in a groundbreaking personal empowerment and social awareness "Life Skills" curriculum (designed specifically for middle grade teens) in the Newport Mesa Unified School District in Newport Beach, California.

The “Teen Social Mentoring Network” (grades 7-12), is a student-to-student network that supports and equips students to produce and present life affirming strategies to younger students on how to build healthy and high functioning relationships. They also mentor on how to gracefully handle divisive, challenging, harmful, and confusing social pressures. For example, student teams go to younger students to present strategies for how to defuse and redirect a bullying situation by using only positive and non-confrontational methods to support both the targets of bullying and to promote healing and forgiveness within the entire community. We provide web based and personal ongoing support. In addition, we plan to host an annual Student Leadership and Compassion Conference to bring innovators and world changing teens together.  

"Kindness Matters Clubs” (grades k-6) focus is a student-to-student practice and sharing how to build wholesome meaningful relationships while handling divisive, challenging, harmful, and confusing social pressures in positive and healing ways. Kindness Clubs use projects, games, challenges, activities, and other creative projects to develop increased confidence and effective use of inclusive and restorative strategies. Web support as well as mentor support is provided.

We also provide:

  • Workshops & Seminars (for schools, community groups, churches, etc)
  • Professional Development
  • Program Support and Mentoring 

We are pleased to offer to have one of our current student mentoring teams give a presentation on reversing the culture of bullying to a cadre of student and staff leaders in your district. In addition we will provide support and resources to assist in establishing Teen Social Mentoring Networks and Kindness Matters Clubs. Click on this link to see our 3 minute video showing the student teams in action.

Our entry level focus goal is to introduce each of the middle schools in your district to the “Teen Social Mentoring Network”. We are also eager to establish and support “Kindness Matters Clubs” in elementary schools and districts.

If you are interested establishing student powered outreach in your district, please contact us and let us know the name and contact info for a lead staff member with whom we could coordinate the timing and details of our student team presentation and the follow up support.

Dedicated to inclusive Kindness and Student Voice

Barbara Wagner

Founder & Executive Director “Kids Are the Solution Project”

Personal Empowerment & Social Awareness Curriculum Design & Development

Retired Teacher : Newport Mesa Unified School District, Newport Beach, CA

Contact Info:


To Book Professional Development or Support:

[email protected]

Palm Desert, CA

The mission of the “Kids Are The Solution Project” is to inspire, create, and develop student-to-student social support communities. Our student networks prepare and present inclusive, empowering and influential programs to younger students from grades k-12 on age appropriate issues of social significance. The student mentoring teams and Kindness Matters Clubs employ creative club activities, community involvement, and presentations to promote robust social-emotional well being, compassionate vision and purpose driven student action.*